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Tubes inspection

Why inspecting tubes?
– To detect wall loss by corrosion, erosion and wear. Detect also, pits and thermal   fatigue 
– To guarantee the equipment availability and increase the productivity

Our partner (www.russelltech.com)
BCI Morocco is the first moroccan company inspection which has the first technology equipment and has invested in the certification of its staff for the application of these techniques.
BCI Morocco is Russell Technologie Canada partner, the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment and service provider.

Concerned equipment 
– Fire tubes boilers (RFT) 
– Water tubes boilers (RFT)
– Heat exchangers 
– Condenser
– Tanks floor 
– Thickness measurment of big tanks 
– Underground pipe inspection.
– Pipe external scan

Our staff 
3 material engineers with 1 certified level 2 in Eddy Current Testing and 6 other techniques with at least 14 years experience.