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Why inspecting pressure vessels ?
– To prevent the explosions due to the energy stored in the form of pressure inside the   pressure vessels
– To preserve the human lives against the losses or wounds by explosion and burns
– To guarantee the availability and to increase the productivity 

Moroccan regulation making inspection obligatory
– 07/22/1953 law for Steam pressure vessels regulation 
– 01/12/1955 law for Gas pressure vessels
– Moroccan Labor Code 
– Ministerial decrees 

Authorities in charge of the regulation application
Energy and mines Ministry.

Pressure vessels under regulation
– Steam : P ≥ 0,33 bar, T (temperature) ≥ 100°C, V (volume) ≥ 25 l (boilers) et ≥ 100   (others) 
– Gas : P ≥ 4 bar and P (bar) x V (liter) ≥ 80

Regulation obligations
– Steam : Yearly internal inspection, Yearly external inspection and decennial hydraulic test
– Gas : Depend on gas inside (contact us)

Documents to be required when purchasing a pressure vessel
– Pressure vessels manufactured in Morocco
• Drawing
• Calculation sheet
• Operation descriptive.
– Imported pressure vessels
Other documents required (contact us)

Our Staff
3 approval engineers and 2 high level technicians with at least 14 years experience. 

We have the Ministry of Energy and Mines approval since December 2000