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Nondestructive Testing

Why using NDT? 
Modern Nondestructive Tests are used :
(1) to ensure product integrity, and in turn, reliability; 
(2) to avoid failures, prevent accidents and save human life; 
(3) to make a profit for the user;
(4) to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the manufacturer’s reputation; 
(5) to aid in better product design; 
(6) ) to control manufacturing processes; 
(7) to lower manufacturing costs; and 
(8) to maintain uniform quality level.

Our NDT services
– Radiographic Testing (RT)
– Ultasonic Testing (UT)
– Eddy Current Testing (ECT)
– Wire rope inspection
– Magnetic Particule Testing (MT)
– Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
– Visual Testing (VT)
– In situ metallugraphy replica

Our NDT equipment 
-Radiography: 2 gamma ray projectors,
-Ultrasonic Testing: 1- EPOCH LT, 1- KRAUTKRAMER and 1- TM DAKOTA MVX.
-Eddy Current Testing: 1 Ferroscope 308 for tube testing. 
-MPT: 2 Yokes and 1 current supplier and 1 coil cable. 
-VT : 1 Cambridge gage and 1 profile gage. 
-In situ metallography : 1 potable microscope. 
-Wire rope inspection : MD 120 wire rope inspection machine

Our staff 
2 metallurgical engineers certified ASNT NDT level III and other technician certified level II COFREND/COMEND UT, MT and PT and many oprerators level I.