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Electrical Installations

Why inspecting electrical installation? 
– To protect labors against the risks of electrocution. 
– To prevent the fire hazards due to the electrical current.
– To guarantee the availability and increase the productivity
– To have a discount from your fire insurer.

Moroccan regulation making inspection obligatory
– Dahir of 28 Jun 1938 for Labors protection.
– Ministerial decrees for 1st and 2nd electrical installation categories (1967 – 1971) 
– Moroccan Standards NM 061-100 à 106 (NFC 15 -100)
– Standards UTE C13-100 et C13-200 
– Recommendations of FMSAR Moroccan Insurance Federation 
– Labor Code

Authorities in charge of the regulation application
Employment Ministry.

Installation under regulation
All industrial plants and administrative building using electrical current

Regulation obligations
– Reception visit
– Yearly inspection (Every 6 months for LPG and petroleum installation).

Other services
Approval of the studies and drawing, installation realization follow-up, electrical installation follow-up and reception for a third party, expertise and formation for electric enabling.

Our staff 
2 approval engineers and 2 high level technicians with at least 14 years experience.

We have the government and the Moroccan Insurances Federation approval since May 2001.