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Civil inspection

Why inspecting ? 
-To ensure the buildings and civil constructions stability and durability
(new constructions, rehabilitation or extension of buildings, steel structure).
-To prevent the risk related to the integrity and safety of constructions.
-To ensure the building conformity to regulations and standards
-To ensure the users safety.

Our services
We inspect :
• Buildings and steel structure,
• Technical installations (Plumbing, electricity, video surveillance …).
• Works of art, masts, pylons …
• Fire prevention and safety. 

We perform : 
• The exam and approval of drawing and calculation sheets. 
• Construction sites monitoring. 
• Project management during conception, realization and reception phases.
• Expertise of in-use constructions.

Our staff 
4 civil and material engineers and 4 high level technicians with at least 14 years experience.