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bureau de contrôle international

Inspection, more than a profession, it’s a vocation

Who We Are
BCI Morocco (International Inspection Company), created at the dawn of the third millennium, is active on all domains touching safety. Having a considerable experience, highly qualified human resources and new technology equipment, BCI has became a reference in inspection industry.

Our philosophy: Better safe than sorry !
This expression taken from the medical domain embodies perfectly our vision.
In fact, an early inspection is the best way to prevent risks which could have catastrophic effects on both equipment and human lives.

Why choose BCI ?
BCI allies highly qualified human resources and high technology equipment to success its missions.
Our team of engineers and technicians allies ingenuity and competence to develop the best solutions.

Our services:

BCI offers the best services in industrial and technical inspection.

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Our references:

They choose BCI
Thank to the trust of our customers and partners such as: Russell Canada, OCP, ONA, ONE, ODEP, Cement plants, Sugar manufacturers, Paper mills, Tobaccos … BCI became a reference in control and inspection domain.